Hello !
FYI im currently learning bout the reproductive system.

so basicly ive learnt that :
  • 20's is the most appropriate reproductive age where childbearing usually gives no risk.
  • the best interval of pregnancy is between 2 years.
  • the age of 31 is considered 'old' for reproductive age & risks increase.
  • above the age of 35, usually give too many complications to the baby and also to the mother. greater risks to get congenital anomalies & cancer of the uterine.
Thus, reading all of these facts really gives me a goosebump.

*Copy paste from http://honeykoyuki.blogspot.com ...

point no. 3... huhu.... saya sudah semakin tua untuk ada baby lagi.. huhu... cadangnye nak tunggu afi masuk darjah 1 dulu... meaning, lagi 3 thn lor...

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